Aumento Mamário

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeries among women, aiming either at correcting an asymmetry of the breasts or mitigating the consequences of aging or breastfeeding. The procedure improves physical appearance since the shape and size of the breasts are much valued for female appearance.

It is crucial to have a preliminary consultation to clarify all doubts. In this consultation, Nery M.D. will explain all the factors involved in the surgery. Variables such as the shape and size of breasts, skin type, and the height and weight of the patient are taken into account, as well as the patient’s overall health status.

André Nery M.D. always uses silicone implants of the best brands available in the market: Silimed and Mentor (Johnson & Johnson). As for the format, prostheses can be either round, conical, or anatomic (teardrop-shaped). The coating of the prosthesis can be either textured or polyurethane.

Surgery incisions are made so as to leave the scars as hidden as possible. They can be performed on the aureole, on the armpit, or on the breast crease (below the breasts). The prosthesis can be placed under the muscle (subpectoral) or under the mammary gland (sub glandular).

Each technique has advantages and disadvantages and should be used in specific cases, and all variables are studied and discussed case-by-case with the plastic surgeon. Contact Dr. Nery’s offices in Ipanema or Icaraí, schedule an appointment, and discuss your doubts to find the best option for you.

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