The elevation of the breasts, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure chosen by some women who want to change the shape and lift flaccid breasts. Although it is mostly sought by older women, it can also be performed in younger women, since having firm, beautiful, and symmetrical breasts lies beyond aesthetics.

Breastfeeding, weight changes, aging, or hormonal changes are factors that play an important role in increasing flaccid skin and ptosis (breast drooping).

The objective of mastopexy is to reverse natural droopiness, lifting the breasts to their original position, and repositioning the areola to ensure symmetry and attaining more harmonious breasts.

One of the techniques used for breast lifting is the placing of silicone prosthesis, which can also increase breast volume. In the case of patients who already have proportional breasts, there is the possibility to perform breast lifting surgery without the placement of the prosthesis. There is also the possibility of associating lifting with reductive mammoplasty through breast skin removal.

The surgical scar is discretely positioned around the areola, vertically in relation to the breast and breast crease. The type of anesthesia used can be general or local with sedation, depending on the clinical condition of the patient.

This procedure takes 2-4 hours, with a required 24-hour period of hospitalization.

For more information and details about the surgery, schedule an appointment with André Nery M.D. in Ipanema (Rio), or Icaraí (Niterói).

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