Ressecção de cicatrizes

Scars are visible signs that remain after an injury or surgery. Their occurrence is inevitable and their development can be unpredictable because even a wound that heals well can result in a scar that affects the patient’s appearance. Some factors such as age, genetics, sun exposure, and diabetes interfere with scar healing.

The two most common types of scars are hypertrophic (wider and higher) and keloid (thicker, higher, and darker). Scar treatment is not only done for aesthetic reasons, as they often cause physical discomfort or prevent movement, causing pain and itching.

Surgical revision with advanced wound closure techniques can provide a more pleasant aesthetic result or improve a scar that has not healed well.

Resection aims at improving the aesthetic appearance of scars, reducing their size and texture, making them look as similar as possible to the skin tone of the patient. Although no scar can be removed completely, it is possible to improve their appearance, making them less evident.

Scars develop depending on how the body reacts to the original damage and on the technique employed by the surgeon, according to the type of skin and individual characteristics of each patient.

The good news is that we currently have a wide array of products and plastic surgeons like André Nery M.D., increasingly specialized and skilled. This ensures much better healing results, reducing the dread of plastic surgery.

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