The face is the window to the body. Internal factors that result from the natural deterioration of the body and external agents such as stress, pollution, and excessive solar exposure are among the greatest causes of skin alterations and aging. These damages eventually cause tissue and muscle loss, sagging, lines and wrinkles, causing a gradual loss of the skin’s natural moisture.

However, some aesthetic treatments can stop or minimize the effects that lead to facial aging. In general, these procedures are performed at the doctor’s office and the results are quickly noticeable after only one session.

Plastic surgeon André Nery M.D. offers, in his offices in Ipanema and Icaraí, some procedures such as Botox applications and filling. They show excellent results and reduce the crucial signs of age, recovering facial expression and returning natural glow to the skin, restoring the patient’s self-esteem and increasing their quality of life.

  • Botox is the commercial name given to botulinum toxin (a sub...

  • Filling treats wrinkles that Botox cannot, like the region t...

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