Reconstructive surgeries are the roots of plastic surgery. They refer to a part of plastic surgery that aims at repairing congenital or acquired defects. It also aims at correcting severe functional deformations, such as ear deformities, cleft palate, scars, etc.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is considered as necessary as any other surgical intervention. Although its main purpose is to repair physical functions, it can also be performed to improve physical appearance. They are plastic surgery techniques that seek to recover or improve lost or impaired functions, aiming at a result as close as possible to recovery.

Procedures such as breast reconstruction (after cancer), abdominoplasty after bariatric surgery, or correction of sequelae in burned or injured patients are also examples of reconstructive surgeries.

Reconstructive surgeries are covered by health plans and are performed in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói by André Nery M.D., plastic surgeon .

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